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This Wikibase instance captures the taxonomy of the Tyrannosaurus rex using the Wikibase software outside Wikidata. The objective is to create a model to capture taxonomy based on a specific use case. Capturing the taxonomy in an open and linked-data resource like Wikidata is a complex undertaking, due to many different views that exist on how a taxonomy should be. During the Cost MOBILISE Wikidata Workshop in Warsaw, the difficulty of describing taxonomies and to reflect that in an open world knowledge graph like Wikidata was acknowledged.

On Wikidata, a specific view on taxonomic description exists that does not fit all use cases regarding the taxonomy. However, implementing model changes on Wikidata can be a challenging and time consuming effort, so this wiki serves as a basis for experimentation to address this issue.

This Wikibase is an effort to prepare a full taxonomic use case, i.e. the Tyrannosaurus rex, where the full taxonomy is being described. It is a single use case that upon completion might make it easier to start discussing how to reflect that in the Wikidata taxonomy model.

linked data landscape

Type Schema Primary data Bot Examples
Taxon Manually added not needed Tyrannosaurus rex
Taxon names EntitySchema:E3 GSheet Dynamosaurus imperiosus
Tyrannosaurus rex
Gorgosaurus lancensis
Treatments EntitySchema:E1 GSheet Trachodon mirabilis in Leidy 1856
Palaeoscincus costatus in Leidy 1856
Publications EntitySchema:E5 GSheet Notice of remains of extinct reptiles and fishes...
Specimens EntitySchema:E2 GSheet Google Colab (Jupyter) LACM 23845
People EntitySchema:E4 GSheet . Henry Fairfield Osborn
Joseph Leidy

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