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Meeting notes June 3rd 2020

Participants: Maarten Trekels, Quentin Groom, Steven Baskauf, Donat Agosti, Jeremy Miller, Andra Waagmeester

  • An automation script (bot) to upload treatments to this wikibase has been developed. The treatments were prepared by Jeremy in tabular form. This was input to the automation script.
  • During the demonstration of the script, some treatments turned out not to be processed by the automation script. More quality control is needed. (AP: Andra)
  • It was noted that the data could be directly obtained from resources such as Plazi. However in the current stage where we are still exploring the best schema to use, tabular data prepared by domain experts might be more helpful since it allows to prepare multiple (small) tables. Eventually, once the schema is mature, we intend to use primary sources directly.
  • As next steps we will (AP: All) manually try to create or update items on this wikibase. This will act as a template for the next automation scripts that will populate this wikibase